Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Oahu

Top Waterfalls in Oahu


Oahu is a beautiful island amongst an array of exotic islands. Each Hawaiian island has its own flare, but Oahu stands out due to its relatively high human population and its untouched thick green landscape.

There are many many beautiful hikes, mountain trails, beaches, and waterfalls all over Oahu. We have gone through all the magnificent waterfall hikes and have come up with the top 3 waterfalls you must visit while in Oahu.

Manoa Falls

The majestic Manoa Falls are located on the Southeastern side of Oahu, lying in the middle of the Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve. These beautiful water sources are a sight to behold. The trek up is a wonderful trail full of interesting flora and fauna. During the hotter months, it is wise to head over earlier in the morning.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy hiking up these mountains to see the bountiful waterfalls. It is usually recommended to walk up this hike during less busy hours, as it does get a bit of traffic during the mornings and mid-afternoon.



Lulumahu Waterfallmost-beautiful-waterfalls-hike

These famous falls are quite the trip. These are not too much of an arduous hike up, but there is an adventurous aspect to them as you have to hop over various streams. Going to this magnificent waterfall is an experience all in its own.


Heading over in the evening will allow you to have a slightly cooler ambience. Even better, wake up before the sun rises so you can watch the sunrise from various view points throughout the hike. It will also help you avoid the hotter temperatures later in the day.