Real Estate Crisis in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the number one tourist destinations not only for US citizens but also for Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, and many more nations. It is known for its beautiful beaches, culture, not mentioning its beautiful landscape. Such great features have enabled Hawaii to create such an attractive name for itself in the world. So great is its reputation that it manages to attract more than 6.5 million tourists from all over the world annually. Such numbers, however, have come at a price to the prestigious island. It now experiences problems ranging from the high cost of Hawaii real estate agents to traffic congestion, homelessness, and even drug abuse.honolulu-996344_1280

To address the problems, we must appreciate the fact the issues facing Hawaii are not indigenous to it but are part of the global challenges of growing inequality and climate change. If people are facing such problems in their countries, then they are bound to bring facets of it to the island state. The issues brought about by income inequality and even unemployment permeate through all aspects of the society and are felt by everyone, no matter your social and economic class. However, the biggest problem facing Hawaii is its housing crisis.

An article by civil beat brought the housing crisis in Honolulu brings the issue into perspective with graphs portraying the ever rising rents against the flat lined median wage per hour. In real figures, for instance, the average cost of a home on Oahu, a constituent island of Hawaii was a whopping $707,402. This situation does not only affect the prices of houses and condos, but rents have also gone up with the monthly rent of a studio going for $700 to $1200. For two bedroomed apartments, the rent starts from $1000 and goes up depending on the location.

These prices are even higher than on the mainland. Such high rents are because Hawaii is an island meaning that there is limited land for cities to expand. In addition to that, there is also the issue of the high construction costs due to the high shipping costs and also the inventory of the material, not forgetting the high excise taxes. We must also remember that Hawaii is a lovely place to be. It has clean air and water, beautiful beaches, a very pleasant climate as it is close to the equator, its oceans, forests, and a very rich culture.

hawaii-1034889_1920In such economic pressure, the government is usually forced to step in to provide solutions for the housing problem so as not to risk a majority of the population being homeless. The solution to such a housing crisis comes in the form called ‘affordable housing.’ The strategy is to put up policies like tax reliefs for private developers so as to encourage them to build affordable houses and rental buildings that the poor and also the average wage earner can afford. Such policies are responsible for ninety percent of all affordable housing units on the mainland. These policies have also helped Hawaii in solving its housing crisis with up to more than three hundred units created annually.

However, this is much lower than what is needed to address the problem thoroughly. An HHFDC report found that the state needed to put up more than 28,000 units in the next five years so as to avoid a future disaster. It is evident therefore that the state needs to do much more than just give tax breaks to solve the housing crisis and in extension save Hawaii from a disaster.


Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Oahu

Top Waterfalls in Oahu


Oahu is a beautiful island amongst an array of exotic islands. Each Hawaiian island has its own flare, but Oahu stands out due to its relatively high human population and its untouched thick green landscape.

There are many many beautiful hikes, mountain trails, beaches, and waterfalls all over Oahu. We have gone through all the magnificent waterfall hikes and have come up with the top 3 waterfalls you must visit while in Oahu.

Manoa Falls

The majestic Manoa Falls are located on the Southeastern side of Oahu, lying in the middle of the Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve. These beautiful water sources are a sight to behold. The trek up is a wonderful trail full of interesting flora and fauna. During the hotter months, it is wise to head over earlier in the morning.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy hiking up these mountains to see the bountiful waterfalls. It is usually recommended to walk up this hike during less busy hours, as it does get a bit of traffic during the mornings and mid-afternoon.



Lulumahu Waterfallmost-beautiful-waterfalls-hike

These famous falls are quite the trip. These are not too much of an arduous hike up, but there is an adventurous aspect to them as you have to hop over various streams. Going to this magnificent waterfall is an experience all in its own.


Heading over in the evening will allow you to have a slightly cooler ambience. Even better, wake up before the sun rises so you can watch the sunrise from various view points throughout the hike. It will also help you avoid the hotter temperatures later in the day.

Hotel Booking Systems Are Marvellous

 Ceramic-vases-for-hotel-lobby-renovationIn case, you take a decision to manage a hotel or any kind of lodging and you want to know some techniques to improve total sales, an online system of reservation will be beneficial for your hotel. There are some varied alternatives for some different choices to opt from relying on some variables like how much a person is ready to pay and the hotel size.

There are some good hotel booking options and you need to have an already existing website or an information page on the internet. There is also a web-based enquiry in which you have a current site or an information page on the web and you have a desktop or a laptop and also email services.

You can run and host on the organization site and you can log in with ease. The phone is a very basic of all the internet based hotel booking systems. It is not that legal online program. It is there as people can come across the website of the hotel or page you have made. This includes a call to your hotel and also making reservations for a room.Ideas-for-hotel-lobby

There are online business enquiries. There is an electronic mail function from your website to your email address. There are chances that the email messages can get lost in your junk email box and a hotel might miss on a reservation.

This is quite possible as you need to follow up with the telephone call or an email to the person that sent it. Your message can get missed or send to an unidentified mailbox. Extranet is a nice tool for utilizing an automated process. This type of application has the hotel director who applies for an account with a company. They can set up your hotel that has an internet based account and has room types, rates.

Suites are actually loaded by utilization of numbers in the diary that you are logged into. A number greater than zero shows the suites quantity to offer for your type of room types such as double, single, family and twin room. A hotel will require a payment processing machine that can be got when you have made a credit card merchant account. This is usually a semi-automated way and you can easily adjust the inventory when a booking to your hotel is made.Solution_Hospitality_Wi-Fi

The online booking system way is quite complicated and helps the clients to be highly competitive in the program. If you happen to be not good in utilizing this kind of software, a person would not operate the program to its full and you can use an extranet program to the best possible extent.

The online reservation system functions by making use of a calendar and function with the help of various colour codes to differentiate between offline and online reservations. The online reservation systems can use the affiliate sites or other sites to provide good publicity on the internet. A good aspect is that the hotel can sell extra rooms with fewer chances of overbooking.

The Awesome Services Of the Hawaii Real Estate Agents

272110-hotel-imagesThe real estate market in Hawaii is unique and so it is important for any buyer or seller to work with a real estate agent or broker with local expertise.

What Do Hawaii Real Estate Agents Do For Their Clients?

A real estate agent typically acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate property. So the main work of real estate agents in Hawaii is to find any of these two parties within the area to make a buying/selling deal. And after matching the buyer and seller’s needs or interests, the real estate brokers receive commission as payment. Currently, there are a myriad of licensed real estate agents in Hawaii providing services to home seekers and property owners at convenient rates. Since, the state laws in Hawaii are slightly different from those in other states, consulting real estate agent before making a decision on the type of house to choose might be important. Some of the services offered by real estate agents includes:hotels-734690_1280

-Comparative market analysis: This refers to an estimate of a home’s value as compared to other homes in the state. The difference in appraisal for property that’s currently available for sale might be taken into consideration.

-Total market overview: It’s an objective way of determining a home’s value where the CMA value is subjective

-Real estate appraisal: A licensed real estate agent has the expertise to estimate the value of a given property.

-Marketing: Exposing the real property to the prospective buyers on behalf of the seller

-Facilitating a purchase: A real estate broker is charged with the responsibility of providing a full guide through the entire process

-property auctioning

-FSBO document preparation

-Preparing contracts and leases

Which Type Of Properties To Hawaii Real Estate Agents Deal In?

Hawaii-based real estate brokers deal in many types of properties that satisfy different clients’ needs. From simple bungalow homes, to condos all through to highly sophisticated and luxury living properties, there is much clients can go for in the market. In most cases, the properties are usually listed on their relevant website or in the newspapers after which an open house invitation is done to attract clients. An open house is a tradition where residential real estate agents expose more people for sale by inviting them to come and see the houses for themselves. This way clients can identify the property that meets their needs before making an agreement to buy.

Do Hawaii Real Estate Brokers Charge Lots Of Commission?

The extra fees or cost one will pay for buying or selling property in Hawaii will largely depend on the type of property being dealt in. That might vary from one real estate agent to another and so carrying out an extensive comparison before settling the most ideal can be the best idea. Some of the Hawaii based real estate brokers offer clients rebates (cash refunds and non-cash incentives) just to encourage them to use their services. Going for such agents can definitely allow one to save some good money when buying any property in the state.